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Category Archives: Coloring Pages

2010 General Conference Printables for Children

Recently the site has launched a special page for General Conference activities for children. The general menu page is here: General Conference Activities for Children on Here are some of the activities they list: Conference Notebook This is for children that can write, and would work well for youth and adults too. There […]

Liahona Magazine Artwork

I received the following emails from a helpful reader, about Liahona resources: Did you know that some of the artwork in the English Liahona is different than the artwork in the Friend? Even though many of the items are the same, the Liahona contains things that are not available in the Friend. The original name […] Online Coloring Activity

For your information, there is now an online coloring activity available on The choices of coloring pages for this activity are now “Missionaries,” “Temple,” “Jesus Christ,” “Prophet” (President Thomas S. Monson) and “Family.” You can see a gallery of the LDS Online Coloring Pictures here. Click on the pictures to go into the activity. […]

Find Friend Coloring Pages by Topic in an Image Gallery

Newly appearing on the website is a gallery of coloring pages sorted by topic. The number of pages right now is rather small, but hopefully the staff will be adding to the collection over time. The number in parentheses indicates the number of coloring pages shown for that topic at the present time. “Apostles-Family” […]

The LDS Coloring Pages Index is Complete!

… well, or almost complete. I suppose it will never be done because new issues of the Friend magazine will have coloring pages. Then someday the Primary manuals will be re-written… horrors… more work to do! For now I have finished the indexing of coloring pages in the Friend back to 1971 and the current […]

General Conference Activities for Children

Coloring pages from the Friend magazine make great activities for Latter-day Saint children to bide their time in General Conference. Better than patiently waiting for conference to end, children involved in listening to conference will have so much greater a blessing in their lives. I found some General Conference themed activities in the Friend magazine […]

Remembering Christopher Columbus

Columbus Day is being observed in the United States today. There was a Christopher Columbus coloring page in the most recent issue of the Friend. I also recently came across this story in the 1992 Friend, Christopher Columbus, Inspired Seaman. Other items of interest: Creating the Friend Magazine Article gives some interesting background in how […]

Printing Pictures, Mazes and a Child’s Pedigree Chart

As I am going through the archives of the Friend magazine for the years 1992-3, I am finding many pictures that do not say “click here to view larger image.” To print these pictures I need to right click, select “save picture as” to save it to my hard drive first. Now for some […]

Latter-day Prophets and Temples

The Friend magazine in the year 1993 appears to have the dual themes of temples and latter-day prophets, i.e. the Presidents of the Church. Some highlights from tonight’s indexing activities: Josie’s Gift by Hazel Thomson Marrott tells the story of a girl’s struggle to find some way she can contribute to the building of the […]

Help Learning the Articles of Faith

I made just a small gain on the index today, beginning a new year, 1995. In the 1995 Friend magazines, it appears you are given plenty of opportunities to learn the Articles of Faith incrementally. There are coloring pages and also other types of activities. In January, you are given a mini-book cover to begin […]