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Category Archives: Family Home Evening

Scripture Quotes Game for FHE

The September 2011 Friend magazine had this cute story about a family that played “Scripture Quotes,” and I thought it would make a great Family Home Evening lesson/game for our family. The gist of the game is that someone thinks of a quotation of something that someone said in the scriptures and everyone else must […]

Hodgepodge of Games, Crafts and Recipes

More good stuff from the archives of the Friend magazine on  These animal puppets are made from felt, and they are glued, not sewed, and embellished with pom-poms. There are pattern pieces to make a chicken, pig, mouse, alligator, spider, rabbit, bear and cat. For family home evening or a Primary lesson, you could […]

Latter-day Prophets and Temples

The Friend magazine in the year 1993 appears to have the dual themes of temples and latter-day prophets, i.e. the Presidents of the Church. Some highlights from tonight’s indexing activities: Josie’s Gift by Hazel Thomson Marrott tells the story of a girl’s struggle to find some way she can contribute to the building of the […]

LDS Family Home Evening Activities from “Coloring Pages”

The year 1996 LDS children’s Friend magazine has many “Color-Cut-&-Assemble” coloring pages with an article message, which would make a great family home evening lesson. Scripture-Study Sam would inspire a discussion of “difficult situations” that the scriptures have the solutions to, references included. Ponder, Pray and Listen is a three-sided holder with girl pictures, boy […]