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Great Idea for Creating Personalized YW Value Experiences

Kudos to Mormon Girl at the Personal Progress Helper Blogspot for coming up with a list of General Conference talks from April 2014 that have application to the Young Women values.

These can make a handy start for someone seeking to personalize a value experience: read a talk and write your feelings or observations about the principles taught by the general authority in your journal. There you go!

See Mormon Girl’s list by clicking here.

Also, on the subject of updating links on the LDS Coloring Pages website:

I have completed the home page and the years 1992 through 2014. I will continue plugging away at the rest of the years until it is done. It is slow-going and tedious, but hey, if anyone would like to help… I’ll take it!

Your comments are welcome below. Click on “Comments” to enter one.

~~Matia Bryson

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