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Remembering Christopher Columbus

Columbus Day is being observed in the United States today. There was a Christopher Columbus coloring page in the most recent issue of the Friend. I also recently came across this story in the 1992 Friend, Christopher Columbus, Inspired Seaman.

Other items of interest:

Creating the Friend Magazine Article
gives some interesting background in how this magazine is put together.

Halloween is coming up, so I could not resist sharing these Kitchen Kraft Halloween treats… Boiled Octopus and Bony Fingers.

Also in reference to Halloween, I am sharing A Pirate Poem by Kerry Young, in honor of my daughter, who wants to be a pirate for Halloween this year. She also wants to be a pirate when she grows up. She is 5 years old right now. (Lots of time to change her mind, phew.)

Did anyone see the news article about the Book of Mormon that sold at auction for more than $100,000 dollars? The book was one of the first edition printed in Palmyra and was found in a local home there. I just wanted to observe that for myself, every Book of Mormon may be just as valuable, if not more valuable than $100,000 a copy, for what it contains for the benefit of every human soul. Thank goodness you can get one for much less from Church Distribution Services, or perhaps even for free, if you know a Latter-day Saint member or missionary!

~~Matia Bryson

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