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Pumpkins and More Pumpkins

In keeping with the season of Halloween and Thanksgiving in the United States, I thought my readers might appreciate these pumpkin-themed pages from the Friend magazine.

First, the October 1991 Friend has lots of pumpkin content including these recipes for pumpkin cookies and Jack-O-Lantern Salad.

If you still do not have enough pumpkin recipes in your repertoire, try a pumpkin shake made with canned pumpkin (below the Jonah story) or pumpkin pie cake made from canned pumpkin and a yellow cake mix.

When you are done stuffing yourself with pumpkin-based food, try these ideas for Halloween Party games, including the pumpkin grin game.

Maybe you would rather color and solve a pumpkin patch maze.

Or crochet a pumpkin to hold some treats.

If you still have not had enough of pumpkin, brave the search engine with a search for pumpkin, or go directly to this page from the New Era magazine with pumpkin riddles, pumpkin history and recipes for Fruited Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Beef Stew, Nutty Pumpkin Chiffon Pie, Green Pepper Soup (served in a pumpkin shell), and New England Apple-stuffed Pumpkin.

Believe it or not, I actually did a search in the scriptures for “pumpkin” and it turned up zero. Nevertheless, I cannot help but speculate that the gourd that made Jonah exceedingly glad in Jonah 4:6 was some kind of near relative of the pumpkin, because pumpkin makes me exceedingly glad… in case you can’t tell.

Did I miss any of your favorite pumpkin references? Please comment below.

~~Matia Bryson

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