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2010 General Conference Printables for Children

Recently the site has launched a special page for General Conference activities for children. The general menu page is here: General Conference Activities for Children on

Here are some of the activities they list:

Conference Notebook

This is for children that can write, and would work well for youth and adults too. There are several pages with a very nice photo of each member of the First Presidency and Twelve with space to write notes of what they talked about. It also suggests activities for before, during and after conference. 12 pages.

Conference Squares

Pass out a “Conference Squares” sheet to each member of your family and use markers such as beans or candy to mark a square when a speaker mentions the subject in the square. (This is a bingo-like game.) Topics include things like the First Vision, prayer, Heavenly Father, scriptures, baptism, the Word of Wisdom and more. There are seven unique sheets.

Conference Coloring

A “color-by-numbers” page that is an illustration of a pair of missionaries with numbers in each area to color. As you listen to conference and hear certain color-coded topics mentioned, you color those areas on your sheet. 1 page.

There are also links to two online games. One is a “Prophets and Apostles” matching game where you match the pictures of the current First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve members. It would be a good exercise for learning their faces and names. The second game is played in a similar manner but with the pictures of all the previous Presidents of the Church.

*New* General Conference Activities for Children on

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~~Matia Bryson

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