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LDS Remembrances of 9/11

This is a wonderful video of LDS 9/11 survivor Victor Guzman speaking of that day, and also addressing how he dealt with the emotional stresses years later.

President Monson (along with other religious leaders) was given an opportunity to blog at the Washington Post about 9/11. President Monson’s contribution is here:

Also, as 9/11 falls on a Sunday this year, there will be a special “Music and the Spoken Word” by the Tabernacle Choir and special guest Tom Brokow. I understand there will be no archiving of the program on the internet so if you want to see this be sure to check out the schedule for one of the airings on Sunday. There are many TV stations nationwide that broadcast “Music and the Spoken Word” and some will do so for the first time for this occasion. More information on the program schedule can be found here:

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~~Matia Bryson

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