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Jesus Is Our Loving Friend, Jesus standing with three children.

The Birth of Jesus Christ Brought Joy to the Earth, color and cut-out pictures of the infant Jesus and the manger.

Jesus Christ Has the Power to Heal,  six mini-pictures depicting Jesus Christ, hands, a Melchizedek priesthood holder, the number two, consecrated oil, sick child in bed.

Jesus Christ Loves Me, Jesus seated with children around him. Children's faces are blank so the faces can be completed as desired.

The Teachings of Jesus Christ Are a Great Treasure, a treasure box, a boy being baptized, a boy praying, sacrament trays of bread and water, two girls seated close to each other (being kind).

Jesus Christ Is The Good Shepherd, cutouts of two lambs

I Will Remember Jesus Christ During the Sacrament, five reverent children seated in a row

The Church of Jesus Christ Is On the Earth, a world map that could be colored

Signs in America of Jesus Christ's Birth, mini-pictures that could be colored and made into flannel board figures: manger, baby, angel, donkey, shepherd's staff, star

The Scriptures Teach Me About Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.... A boy seated in a chair reading the Book of Mormon.

Jesus with a child in a Book of Mormon setting.

Joseph Smith's First Vision of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, mini-pictures to be colored and used as flannel board figures. Joseph figure can be made to kneel.

I Will Show My Faith in Jesus Christ by Being Baptized and Confirmed, two pictures in one showing a girl first being baptized, then being confirmed.

Coloring page based on Christ With Children by Del Parson

Page to color based on Christ Raising The Daughter of Jairus, by Greg Olsen

My Faith in Jesus Christ...example, commandments..., girl taking the sacrament bread

Jesus Christ and Mary, based on "The Resurrection" by Harry Anderson

The First Vision, based on the painting of Joseph Smith by John Scott

John Baptizing Jesus, based on the painting by Harry Anderson

My family can follow Jesus Christ in faith. A family of parents and four children, could be having family home evening.

My faith in Jesus Christ grows when I listen to the Holy Ghost. Girl being confirmed a member of the Church and receiving gift of the Holy Ghost

My faith in Jesus Christ grows when I serve others. The Good Samaritan, based on the illustration "Samaritan Helps the Jew"

Coloring page of Jesus Christ based on The Sermon on The Mount by Harry Anderson

My faith in Jesus Christ grows. I am thankful for my blessings. Coloring page of one leper in ten returning to thank Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ once lived on the earth, and I have faith that He will come again. Family with a nativity set.

Jesus was born in a stable, maze and coloring page.

Faith in Jesus Christ, Jesus healing two blind men

The Power to Baptize and Confirm, Jesus laying hands on man, Book of Mormon setting

Nativity Scene, "Jesus Grew Up in a Righteous Family" Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, star, based on painting by Simon Dewey

The Savior's Love, 5 mini-pictures that can be colored and put together as a booklet showing scenes of the Jesus Christ showing love.

The Nativity Song, flannel board figures to tell the Christmas story: stars, an angel, stable and animals, manger, shepherds, wise men, Joseph and Mary, infant Jesus. Right click on each image and "Save Picture" to your hard drive first to print.

Be Grateful for the Sacrament, two pictures of the Jesus Christ and the sacrament, and two pictures of modern Sacrament meetings

How to Prepare a Talk, 5 mini-pictures depicting obedience, faith, repentance, prayer, forgiveness, with pictures of Jesus Christ, Jonah's whale, girl with lamp, boy praying (Joseph Smith?), Jesus calming the storm on the sea

Loaves and Fishes, Taken from the story of Jesus feeding a crowd of people with five loaves and two fishes. find the hidden fishes and loaves of bread and color them

What is a Testimony, a picture of Jesus Christ with children

Build Upon My Rock, 16 mini-pictures depicting the story of the wise man who built his house upon a rock and the foolish man who built his house upon the sand. To print the pictures first right-click on each picture and select "save picture as."

I Have a Testimony of Jesus Christ, Girl pasting her testimony in an open Book of Mormon

First Things First, faith, repentance, baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost are depicted with pictures of the Jesus Christ healing blind men, the story of Jonah, Jesus' baptism, and Jesus visiting the Nephites (hands on man's head)

Remember Him, make a wheel to display mini-pictures of things to think about during the passing of the sacrament. Images of Jesus Christ praying, on the cross, coming out the tomb, with a child, etc.

The Atonement, flannel board pictures that could be colored to retell the story of the boy (Paul H. Dunn) who was unable to pay for a stain-glass window he broke. Including mini-pictures of Jesus Christ praying in Gethsemane and stain-glass window portrait of Jesus.

I Live in a Beautiful World, mini-pictures of things that Jesus made for us to enjoy in our beautiful world: animals, plants, etc.

I Believe in the Godhead, a mosaic-like color-by-number page with only the words "The Godhead, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost." Because of the many small areas to color, this page is probably more appropriate for older children.

I Believe in Having a Happy Heart, crossword puzzle and coloring page, depicting Jesus healing a leper from Luke 12.

The Second Coming, story of the ten virgins, large picture of oil lamp and drops of oil to write the things one would do to prepare for the Savior's coming.

The Brother of Jared Sees Jesus, can be made into a flannel board story

Jesus Christ Comes to America, 4 mini-pictures to tell this story, that could be colored and made into flannel board figures.

This Is My Beloved Son, 4 pictures of the different settings when the Father said "This is my Beloved Son." Jesus' baptism, Mount of Transfiguration, Christ visiting America, the First Vision. Right-click on the picture and select "save picture as."

The Good Shepherd . Mini-pictures depicting a Hired shepherd; Wolf; Sheep; Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd; Thief, who doesn’t enter by the door. Can be used as flannel board figures to retell the story.

The Special Witnesses. Mini-pictures of Jesus Christ; Peter; John the Baptist; The Twelve Apostles. Can be used as flannel board figures to retell the story.

My Story of Jesus. 8 mini-pictures to be made into a mini-book beginning with portrait of Jesus and John 3:16, the creation, Mary and baby Jesus, Jesus when 12 years old, his baptism, teaching the people, healing the sick and clearing the temple of wicked men. (continued in April 1999)

The Nativity. 6 mini-pictures showing the Shepherds; Star; Angel; Sheep; Jesus in manger; Mary and JosephCan be used as flannel board figures to retell the Christmas story.

Savior and Redeemer, picture of the Jesus Christ holding a lamb and shepherd's staff

My Story of Jesus, (to be added to the mini-book begun in March 1999), 8 mini-pictures of Jesus and the Last Supper, sacrament, Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus crucified, buried in a tomb, resurrected on the third day, visiting many people, etc.

Our Savior and Redeemer. 4 mini-pictures of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, being crucified, the stone rolled away from the tomb, the women. Can be used as flannel board figures to retell the story.

Remembering Jesus Christ. 4 mini-pictures showing a Man with a pitcher of water; Sacrament cup; Unleavened bread; Jesus Christ with the Twelve Apostles. Can be used as flannel board figures to retell the story.

The Baptism of Jesus Christ. 4 mini-pictures of the Dove; Heavens opening up; Sacrament trays; John the Baptist baptizing Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. Can be used as flannel board figures to retell the story.

Calling of the Twelve. 3 mini-pictures depicting Jesus with the Twelve on the hillside; Peter and John healing a lame man; Philip testifying. Can be used as flannel board figures to retell the story

Jesus Christ Heals the Blind Man. Mini-pictures of the blind man begging; Jesus Christ; man with sight restored; Pharisees. Can be used as flannel board figures to retell the story.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 5 mini-pictures of sunrise; fallen temple; The Savior’s Second Coming; Jesus Christ teaching some of His disciples; War, famine, pestilence, and earthquakes. Can be used as flannel board figures to tell about the story.

The First Vision, 5 mini-pictures of Joseph Smith plowing, Joseph praying, Joseph reading the Bible, the grove of trees, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Can be used as flannel board figures to retell the story.

I Will Invite the Holy Ghost By.... A page that can be colored and folded to look like an invitation. It says I will invite the Holy Ghost by Remember Jesus (picture of Jesus), Praying (boy praying), Choosing the Right (CTR ring) and Keeping the Commandments (girl reading).

My Heroes and Heroines, a blank page with a fancy border depicting scriptural heroes including Jesus Christ. Child is encouraged to draw pictures of heroes or paste pictures of heroes on the page.

What Does Jesus Want Me to Do, a picture of Jesus with two modern children, and mini-pictures depicting prayer, paying tithing, being kind, and being baptized.

The Light of Christ, a stain glass-like picture of Jesus, with the words "I am the light of the world. John 8:12"

The Resurrected Christ Teaches About Baptism, four mini-pictures of Jesus teaching the Nephites, Jesus giving power to baptize to the Nephite disciples, modern boy being baptized, modern boy greeting two of his nonmember schoolteachers. Can be used as flannel board pictures to retell the story.

The Nephite Disciples Baptize, four mini-pictures of modern boy paying his tithing; Jesus teaching the Nephite disciples; people being filled with the Holy Ghost; Nephi baptizing. After coloring, these pictures can be made into flannel board pictures to retell the story.


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