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Behold Your Little Ones: Nursery Manual

Lesson 1, pages 8-11, I Am A Child of God, Moses holding the stone tablets; a boy picture and a girl picture with the words "I am a child of God" below each.

Lesson 2, pages 14-15, Heavenly Father Has a Plan for Me. 3 images that illustrate the words to the song "I Am A Child of God." Can be used as a coloring sheet or be made into a mobile.

Lesson 3, pages 16-19, I Can Pray to Heavenly Father. Make a prayer flipbook illustrating the four steps to prayer.

Lesson 4, pages 20-23, Heavenly Father and Jesus Love Me. These words appear with a girl's face and a boy's face in circle frames. Can be made into necklaces.

Lesson 5, pages 24-27, Jesus Christ Showed Us How to Love Others. From the story of the fishes and loaves, this coloring page shows a Jesus standing next to a disciple who is passing bread to a woman and boy.

Lesson 6, pages 28-31, The Holy Ghost Helps Me. Cut, mini-pictures depicting the following concepts: Go to church, Pray, Be kind, Obey parents, Read scriptures. Color and assemble pictures to make a cube to roll for a game.

Lesson 7, pages 32-25, Jesus Christ Created the World for Me. Make a mini-book with a page to color for each of the following concepts: Jesus Christ Created the World for Me. Jesus created the sun. He created the moon and the stars. He created the plants. He created the animals. He created the birds.

Lesson 8, pages 36-39, Sunday is a Day to Remember Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Make a mini-book with pictures to color of a family, the scriptures, a church or meetinghouse, Jesus.

Lesson 9, pages 40-43I Have a Body like Heavenly Father's.  Cut out and color finger puppets of Joseph Smith's First Vision. Also an illustration of a boy with text comparing his body to God's. (For example, "I have two hands like Heavenly Father.")

Lesson 10, pages 44-47, I Will Take Care of My Body. A picture of a boy surrounded by mini-pictures of healthy things for our bodies. (food, exercise, etc.)

Lesson 11, pages 48-51, I Love My Family.  Flannel board cut-outs to color of family members: father, mother, sister, brother, and baby.

Lesson 12, pages 52-55, I Can Pray with My Family.  A finger puppet story to cut-out and color showing members of a family and the temple. Also other mini-pictures of things we can pray our thanks for.

Lesson 13, (repeats finger puppets in lesson 12)

Lesson 14, pages 60-63, I Will Obey.  Simple illustrations to color of a boy and a girl. Can be made into stick puppets or sack puppets.

Lesson 15, pages 64-67, I Will Be Thankful. Simple illustrations of the following things to be thankful for: family, home, clothes, food.

Lesson 16, pages 68-71, I Will Say “I’m Sorry”. Children's faces in circles that can be made into necklaces. The circles have the text: "I can be happy when I say 'I'm sorry.'"

Lesson 17, pages 72-75, I Will Share. Make a cube game by coloring, cutting and assembling this cube. Sides of the cube say "I will share smiles, food, books, toys, crayons" with simple illustrations.

Lesson 18, pages 76-79, I Will Love Others. Four boys and girls hold hands in a row inside a heart frame.

Lesson 19, pages 80-83, I Can Be Happy. A simple face that can be happy or sad, depending on which end is up.

Lesson 20, pages 84-87, I Will Be Reverent. A flip book illustration that can be colored of a praying boy with the text, "I close my eyes and bow my head and fold my arms while the prayer is said."

Lesson 21, page 88-91Joseph Smith Saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Cut out and color finger puppets of Joseph Smith's First Vision. Also a larger coloring page of The First Vision.

Lesson 22, pages 92-95, The Book of Mormon Teaches Me about Jesus Christ. A four-page mini-book with pictures to color and the words, "The Book of Mormon Teaches Me about Jesus Christ, that Jesus came to earth, healed the sick, blessed the children."

Lesson 23, pages 96-99, I Love the Scriptures. Three pictures: Adam and Eve, Noah, and Moses. Can be printed as one picture or made into stick puppets.

Lesson 24, pages 100-103, I Will Follow the Prophet. Pictures that can be colored and made into stand up figures. A mini-picture that goes with each of the following statements: I will follow the prophet. Daniel taught us that we should pray. John the Baptist taught us to be baptized. Samuel the Lamanite taught us to obey Heavenly Father. Joseph Smith taught us to read the scriptures.

Lesson 25, pages 104-107I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A coloring page showing Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and the scriptures.

Lesson 26, pages 108-111, I Will Be Baptized and Confirmed. A picture of a boy standing in the water about to be baptized, and a second picture of a boy seated in a chair with three men with their hands on his head, and the text, "I Will Be Baptized, I Will Be Confirmed"

Lesson 27, pages 112-115, The Sacrament Helps Me Think about Jesus Christ. A reverent girl sitting on a pew, with the text, "I can listen while the sacrament prayers are said." A boy passes a sacrament tray to a girl with the text, "I can think of Jesus when I eat the bread," or "I can think of Jesus when I drink the water," and a picture of Jesus and the words, "The sacrament helps me think about Jesus."

Lesson 28, pages 116-119, Heavenly Father Blesses Me through the Priesthood. Three pictures depicting a baby being blessed, the sick being blessed, and the sacrament, with the words, "Heavenly Father Blesses Me through the Priesthood." Can be made into a flipbook.

Lesson 29, pages 120-123, Jesus Christ Was Resurrected. A picture showing the Savior's tomb with the stone away, and a second group of mini-pictures showing the tomb, the stone and the Savior to be used as figures to tell the story.

Lesson 30, pages 124-127, Jesus Christ Is the Son of Heavenly Father. A picture of Mary and the infant Jesus, and a second picture of the shepherds gazing up, with the text "Jesus Christ Is the Son of Heavenly Father." Can be colored only or made into stick puppets.

Primary 1: I Am a Child of God

Lesson 6, page 15, Jesus Is Our Loving Friend, Jesus standing with three children.

Lesson 11, page 31, I Am Thankful for Fish, paper pattern for four fish that could be colored and made into a fishing game.

Lesson 21, page 66, I Have Feelings, a face figure that could be colored. Looks like a smiling face when right side up and a frowning face when upside down.

Lesson 26, page 84, Families Can Be Together Forever, I Can Prepare to Go to the Temple, seven mini-pictures depicting prayer, obeying parents, loving, paying tithing, going to church, eating good foods, being honest.

Lesson 35, page 115, I Can Be Kind to Animals, picture of a bunny rabbit.

Primary 2: Choose The Right A

Helps for the Teacher, CTR Shield to color. To print, first right-click on each picture and select "save picture as" or "print picture."

Lesson 7, page 30, The Birth of Jesus Christ Brought Joy to the Earth, color and cut-out pictures of the infant Jesus and the manger.

Lesson 10, page 44, I Can Speak With Heavenly Father in Prayer, I Will Pray Reverently, pictures of a boy and girl praying with eyes closed and arms folded.

Lesson 12, page 55, I Can Prepare for Baptism, six mini-pictures of Jesus, the CTR shield, praying, a rose (be forgiving and loving), scriptures and the number eight.

Lesson 13, page 61, The Gift of the Holy Ghost Can Help Me, pictures to color from the story "Roberta's Confirmation," a girl being baptized, her wet hair being combed by her mother, the bishop at the pulpit, girl seated in chair with her father standing by her, men in a circle laying hands on the girl's head, girl shaking hands with the men. To print, first right-click on each picture and select "save picture as" or "print picture."

Lesson 14, page 68, Dare to Choose The Right, a board game that could be colored.

Lesson 16, page 81, Jesus Christ Has the Power to Heal,  six mini-pictures depicting Jesus Christ, hands, a Melchizedek priesthood holder, the number two, consecrated oil, sick child in bed.

Lesson 19, page 96, Jesus Christ Loves Me, Jesus seated with children around him. Children's faces are blank so the faces can be completed as desired.

Lesson 20, page 102, The Teachings of Jesus Christ Are a Great Treasure, a treasure box, a boy being baptized, a boy praying, sacrament trays of bread and water, two girls seated close to each other (being kind).

Lesson 21, page 109, I Can Be Reverent, cutouts of mouth, eyes, ears, hands and arms, and feet and legs

Lesson 23, page 119, Jesus Christ Is The Good Shepherd, cutouts of two lambs

Lesson 28 , page 143, I Can Be Kind, map of the Holy Land that could be colored (used for telling the story of the Good Samaritan)

Lesson 30, page 153, I Can Be Obedient, a picture of Noah's ark on a half-page labeled, "Noah was obedient." The label for the blank half-page is "I Can Be Obedient."

Lesson 37, page 199, I Can Keep the Sabbath Day Holy, mini-pictures that can be made into a "My Sabbath Day Book." A Primary class, a family reading together, a boy praying, a family singing together, a boy writing, a girl visiting an older woman.

Lesson 38, page 206, I Will Remember Jesus Christ During the Sacrament, five reverent children seated in a row

Lesson 40, page 217, I Can Forgive Others, three children with faces that are blank, that can be completed as one desires.

Lesson 42, page 229 , The Church of Jesus Christ Is On the Earth, a world map that could be colored

Lesson 44, page 240, I Can Show Love for Animals, mini-pictures of pairs of animals that could be colored and cut-out for a matching game: elephants, kangaroos, oxen, chickens, goats, crickets, fish, butterflies, dogs, lizards.

Primary 3: Choose the Right B

Lesson 3, page 9, Commandment Road Signs, mini-pictures depicting pay tithing, obey my parents, pray always, keep the Sabbath day holy, treat others kindly.

Lesson 8, page 35, Follow the Prophet, easy maze and mini-pictures.

Lesson 9, page 40, Priesthood Blessings and Ordinances,  six mini-pictures depicting a baby, hands, a Melchizedek priesthood holder, the number two, consecrated oil, sick child in bed.

Chapter 11, page 50, Baptism, a birthday cake with no candles and the title "I can't wait until I'm eight." Child is instructed to draw eight candles on the cake.

Lesson 19, page 89, color in the starred spaces to reveal the word, PRAYER

Lesson 25, page 117, I Can Be A Missionary, boy and girl missionary pictures

Lesson 39, page 191, Showing Love For Our Parents, a "family tree" or tree with ovals blanks for drawing pictures of one's family.

Lesson 45, page 222, I Can Be an Example For My Family, an unadorned picture of a house

Primary 4: Book of Mormon

Lesson 4, page 12, Tree of Life, depiction of Lehi's vision

Lesson 22, page 74, Alma Teaches About Faith, a visual aid showing a seed, seedling, young plant, rain, soil, fertilizer, sunshine.

Lesson 25, page 87, Captain Moroni Defeats Zerahemnah, a soldier with parts of his armor... the Armor of God

Lesson 27, page 96, Helaman and the Two Thousand Warriors, a picture of the warriors. To print, first right-click on each picture and select "save picture as" or "print picture."

Lesson 32, page 114, Signs in America of Jesus Christ's Birth, mini-pictures that could be colored and made into flannel board figures: manger, baby, angel, donkey, shepherd's staff, star

Primary 5: Doctrine & Covenants: Church History

Lesson 26, page 139, picture of the Kirtland Temple that could be colored.

Lesson 30, page 167, Adam-Ondi-Ahman, mini-pictures that represent signs of the Second Coming of Christ, with explanatory scripture references in the third Enrichment Activity.

Lesson 36, page 204, Joseph Smith Writes the Articles of Faith, mini-pictures representing each of the Thirteen Articles of Faith.

Lesson 40, page 221, The First Pioneer Company Crosses the Plains, a covered wagon picture.

Lesson 43, page 254, Handcart Companies Come to the Salt Lake Valley, a pictorial account of a handcart journey that could be colored.

Primary 6: Old Testament

Lesson 1, page 1, Heavenly Father's Plan for Us, simple pictures depicting The Plan of Salvation

Lesson 18, page 27, The Birth and Calling of Moses, a simple maze "Fulfilling My Life's Mission," with scenery that could be colored.

Lesson 21, page 90, The Ten Commandments, in a decorative border that could be colored.

Lesson 28, page 120, David and Goliath, a picture of Goliath only.

Lesson 29, page 125, David and Jonathan, pictures of fish and a crab for a fishing game.

Lesson 44, page 196, Malachi Teaches About Tithes and Offerings,  9 mini-pictures of Ways Tithes and Offerings Are Used.

Lesson 46, page 207, Prophets Foretold the Birth of Jesus Christ, a picture of the infant Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and prophets Isaiah, Micah, Nephi, Alma, Samuel the Lamanite.

Primary 7: New Testament

Lesson 34, page 116, Feed My Sheep, simple drawing of a sheep


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